Cleo Gardiner             artwork                                 A R T I S T

​artwork conceptual art 

Kiss My FAT Ass 96 x 73 cm's Digital collage 2012

Patti Smith  75 x 110cm's

Digital Collage, Embroidery, water colour 

Salvation - Icons

Original Image used with permission © Lynn Goldsmith 1976

​Digital Collage, Embroidery, Water colour

Original image used with permission from the National Library of Australia, 1974

Gough Whitlam   75 x 110 cm's

Frida Kahlo  75 x 110 cm's

Digital Collage, Embroidery, Water Colour

  • My Icons were where I found "Home"5:37

For embroidered and water colour detail on Icons series please see gallery photos.

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