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Cleo Gardiner is a cross disciplinary, conceptual artist. Her work includes the exploration of issues relating to identity, icons, desire, class, sexuality, size positive representations of the body, gender & gender identities. Her work often includes text which illustrates how words can inspire, rupture and embrace ones self. She suggests, through text and icons, we see parts of ourselves mirrored as a jigsaw of positive and diverse referents. Ones, which observe and honour our varied differences. Through works like XX-Class/if/y she celebrates the joy of words and how they mark, commemorate and even liberate us. Her intertextual collages of text, map cultural and collective memory. illustrating a personal journey, an unravelling or unbecoming to become.

Cleo has been published in Edinborough press’ Somatechnic’s journal and had her first solo exhibition in 2012. She has been in group exhibitions at M Contemporary, Gaffaa Gallery and the Woollahra Small Sculpture Award exhibition. In addition, she has curated an exhibition Queering the Body at Verge Gallery. More recently, she created an installation for Club Kooky and in collaboration with Kelli Jean Drinkwater, presented an installation and performance at The Museum of Contemporary Art, as part of Justin Shoulder and Glitter Militia's Nightcraft. 2014 also culminated in winning the Dean's prize (Print Media) and a University Medal for her Honours thesis and artwork. ​​Cleo’s mediums are etching, screen print, performance, digital photography, collage, performance, multi media installations and sound pieces.

artworkContemporary Art